Check-In Procedures

Your check-in document must be filled out and submitted over the web via our website Only one form can be filled out and submitted per apartment. In order to receive a quick response to your check-in maintenance requests, you must submit the check-in sheet within 5 days of the term beginning date of your lease. If this sheet is submitted after the required 5 days, it will fall to the bottom of the schedule. The schedule for check-in maintenance is also included on our website. In order to access your check-in sheet, you will need to use the password located in your check-in folder given to you at the time you picked up your keys. If you lose your password, please contact Cindy Miller. For more information on the check-in procedures, please see our website.

Apartment Equipment

Each apartment is equipped with many modern appliances and extras. To make the most of this equipment follow the suggestions given below. Residents will be held responsible for maintenance problems that result from neglect or damage.

Circuit Breakers

To reset a breaker make sure to completely flip the breaker off before switching to the on position. See our web site for GFI diagram and re setting instructions. However, if any electrical equipment in your apartment does not work, check the breakers and/or the GFI outlets first. Should you live in an older complex that uses fuses, please contact maintenance as a burnt fuse will need to be replaced by maintenance.


Make sure you do not over-stack this appliance. Be careful not to slam the door or punch the buttons too firmly. Be sure to use dishwasher detergent only. Even if you do not plan to use the dishwasher it is a good idea to run through a cycle one time per month. When the dishwasher is not in use, leave the dishwasher unlocked and cracked open so the seal does not get damages. No portable dishwasher are allowed.


Vertical blinds must be pulled open if window or patio door is opened. Mini-blinds must be pulled up past open windows. Wipe down or vacuum blinds monthly to keep them clean. Doors to closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. must remain in the apartment through the entire lease term. Under no circumstances should doors be removed from the apartment or left on the deck/balcony.


Do not place hot objects directly on formica. Do not use the formica as a cutting board. Avoid cleaning it with strong abrasives (Soft Scrub works well). Granite countertops should be cleaned with water and gentle soap. Do not use chemicals on this surface as the stone will dry out.


Bulb replacement is the responsibility of the tenant. Interior 4ft. fluorescent bulbs, bulbs located in cathedral or vaulted ceilings and all exterior lighting are the responsibility of management.


Whether your range is electric or gas, regular cleaning will make things easier for you when you move out. When broiling, reduce excessive grease splatter by covering bottom of the broiler tray with foil before use. Keep the oven door opened a few inches when broiling. Never place aluminum foil shiny side up under the burners; it may cause electric heating elements to short out. See our web site for pilot lighting instructions.


Clean your refrigerator monthly; using soap and water (never bleach) to keep it functioning properly. Never leave your refrigerator turned off with the door closed for more than a few hours as mold and mildew may develop. Refrigerators must be left on even when you leave for an extended period of time or at the conclusion of your lease. If your refrigerator is left off for a long period of time and the compressor is thereby damaged, you will be responsible for all repairs. Never use screwdrivers, knives, etc. to pick ice away from the freezer compartment when manually defrosting as this may puncture the coolant lines. If this occurs, the refrigerator/freezer will be replaced at your expense.


Be sure shower curtains are completely closed and inside the shower walls when taking a shower. Avoid build-up of soap film by rinsing all soap off shower curtains after each use. Shower curtains are to be supplied by the resident. Keep bathroom floor dry at all times.

Garbage Disposal

Do not pack food into disposal. Put in only small amounts at a time. Make sure cold water is on continuously during operation to ensure that all refuse is cleared out. Do not put anything hard into the disposal (such as bones, silverware, bottle caps, etc). Do not use drain cleaner in disposals. If the disposal does not work please try pushing the reset button located on the bottom of the disposal unit. Even if you do not plan to use the garbage disposal it is a good idea to run through a cycle one time per month.

Smoke and/or CO Detectors

Each apartment is furnished with a direct wire and/or battery operated smoke detector. Apartments with gas fired appliances, HVAC, gas fired building equipment, and/or under building parking garages are also furnished with a carbon monoxide (CO) detector(s). These items are in your apartment for your safety - do not remove the batteries or detach the detectors from the wall or ceiling for any reason.


Do not sweep apartment dirt into stairwells. If you spill or break something, please clean it up. Do not leave garbage, plants, or bicycles in stairwells or hallways. When common hallway damage occurs, all apartments will be charged equally for maintenance costs unless the individual tenants responsible for the damage are identified. To reduce the chance of a fire, open-flame cooking devices, including charcoal burners, LP-gas burners and outdoors wood-burning fireplaces, shall not be permitted or used on or under balconies, decks, or within 10 feet of any building or other combustible structure.


The legs of kitchen tables and chairs are secured from the bottom by screws. All legs should be checked, and the screws tightened, if necessary, to reduce the chance of breakage. Pick up tables first before you move them, do not drag. No company furniture is allowed on the decks, balconies or patios. Any piece of furniture can be removed from a furnished unit if correctly reported within first 5 days of lease beginning date. Simply e-mail the request to Todd Lienhart and your request will be fulfilled within days of the request. However, you must understand that we typically only move furniture around move-in time. Once a requested item is removed from your unit it is gone for the entire lease term, we will not move items back into an apartment. Please keep this in mind, as some individuals want these furniture items back for subleases, etc.


Only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. A toilet plunged or cleared due to neglect or misuse will be unstopped at the resident's expense. You should never flush items such as tampons, sanitary napkins, paper towels, kitchen waste, etc. See our web site for plunging instructions.


A bike parked in hallways or stairwells is not allowed unless management has granted specific permission. Bikes parked in hallways or stairwells without authorization will be removed and residents must pay $25.00 to recover the bike. Furthermore, no bikes are allowed to be chained to any portion of the complex which would include entry railings, fences, etc. If your bicycle is impounded for whatever reason, and is not redeemed after 30 days, it will be discarded or sold to cover costs.


Motorcycles are to be parked only in your assigned parking space. Under no circumstances are they to be within your apartment. Motorcycles are not to be parked or ridden on the grounds or sidewalks of your apartment building.

Apartment Upkeep

You are expected to keep your apartment reasonably clean at all times. Dirt and garbage encourage pests. (For pest control spraying schedule, please see "Pest Control" section). Balconies, decks, patios, etc., are considered part of your dwelling and should be kept free of garbage. It is the resident's responsibility to keep birds, nests, etc. from these areas.

Security Deposit

The security deposit collected from you is to help ensure that you keep the apartment in good condition. All or part of this deposit may be forfeited if necessary to defray costs of cleaning or repair of damages for which a resident is responsible. The deposit cannot be used to pay the last month's rent. Portions of the security deposit not forfeited will be refunded via check and mailed within 30 days of the term ending date of your leases. In the case of multiple tenants, the names of all originals lessees who paid a security deposit to the lessor will appear on the check.


Owners do not carry insurance coverage for resident's personal property. Your lease requires that each tenant obtain his or her own individual renter's insurance for personal effects of value. Ramshaw Real Estate must be listed as an additional insured on your policy.


One key per Lessee is provided at the time of move-in. One mailbox key is also provided to each apartment at move-in. Lock out assistance will be handled in accordance with the terms of your lease. All lost keys will require a lock change at the resident's expense. Any time a door is found unlocked by any Ramshaw Real Estate employee or contractor/vendor hired by Ramshaw Real Estate the door will be locked at the conclusion of service.

Laundry Areas

In most buildings, coin-operated washers and dryers are provided. Do not prop open the laundry room door; please keep closed at all times. For the convenience of other residents, please do not leave clothes in the equipment upon completion. If machines are not working, notify maintenance at or 378-1222.


Apartment living is considerably different than living in a private home. Please remember that you are living with other people under the same roof. Take your neighbors into consideration when it comes to noise. Loud stereos, television sets, and appliances can be very irritating to those around you especially at night. Please keep noise to a minimum in stairwells. If you are having a problem with a noisy neighbor you should first talk to them about the matter since the person may be unaware that he or she is causing a problem. If this does not resolve the problem satisfactorily, please feel free to contact the police anytime or management during normal business hours.


The following rules regarding parties are necessary and strictly enforced. Residents are responsible for all actions of their guests. Hall or building parties are not allowed. Parties must be confined to individual apartments with doors kept closed. Keep noise to a minimum, as you should never disturb your neighbors. Do not allow guests to park in the parking lot unless they park in your own space.


Pets are allowed at a few locations provided that prior written consent of the management is obtained and pet rent is paid on a monthly basis (typically between $25.00 and $40.00 per month). If we find an unauthorized pet in the apartment and it is not removed in 24 hours you will be fined $50.00 for each day the pet still remains in the unit. Furthermore, legal action may be taken to cancel the lease. If you are uncertain about the pet policy for your apartment building, please confer with management to make sure you are not in violation.

Pest Control

All properties managed by Ramshaw Real Estate are sprayed on an "As Needed" basis other than the buildings identified below that are on a set schedule. Please note you will not receive notice that pest control is to arrive, once you make a request for spraying you should expect service within 72 hours. For those of you that live in one of the buildings below that receive scheduled spraying, this tenant information packet is your notice for the entire leasing term.

Monthly Services

59 E. John, C1st Friday of each month
Florida Ave., U4th Friday of each month
1009 S. First, C1st Monday of each month
605 S. Fourth, C1st Monday of each month
1110 W. Stoughton, U1st Monday of each month
908 W. Nevada, U1st Monday of each month
308 N, Orchard, U1st Monday of each month
315 N. Orchard, U1st Monday of each month

Quarterly Services

107 E. Daniel, CLast Friday of January, April, July and October.
211 W. Green, ULast Friday of January, April, July and October
305 E. John, CLast Friday of January, April, July and October
1002 S. Second, CLast Friday of January, April, July and October
905 S. Second, CLast Friday of January, April, July and October
402 S. Race, ULast Friday of January, April, July and October
Deerfield Woods, ULast Friday of February, May, August and November
Kobuck Apts., ULast Wednesday of February, May, August and November
202 N. Lincoln, ULast Wednesday of March, June, September and December
603 W. Church, CLast Wednesday of March, June, September and December
801 S. Fourth, CLast Wednesday of March, June, September and December
1105 W. Oregon, ULast Wednesday of March, June, September and December
1107 W. Oregon, ULast Wednesday of March, June, September and December
310 E. Chalmers, CLast Wednesday of March, June, September and December
1010 S. First, CLast Wednesday of March, June, September and December
1012 S. First, CLast Wednesday of March, June, September and December
1200 S. Vine, U3rd Wednesday of March, June, September and December

Rent Payments

Rent is due on the first of every month, including vacation and summer periods. Rent becomes late on the 1st after 5:00p.m. and late charges apply to any portion of an unpaid balance. In the case of multi-tenant units, all tenants are jointly responsible for seeing that the full amount of rent is paid on time. If possible, pay all rent for a given month at one time and on a single check, however this is not required. We prefer that you make all rent payments via ACH (auto debit), credit card, personal check, cashier's check, or money order. Unless you have specific instructions to the contrary, make all checks payable to "Ramshaw Real Estate". You may either bring rent payments in person to our office at 1817 S. Neil Street or mail to: Ramshaw Real Estate; P.O. Box 680, Champaign, IL 61824. To facilitate proper identification and crediting, please make sure your building and apartment number appear on each check. We do not accept cash for payment of rent. If the bank for any reason returns your personal check, you will be charged $25.00 for each occurrence. After the second occurrence, we will no longer accept a personal check from you; payments must be made henceforth via certified check, cashiers check, or money order.

Payment options
We now have the ability to accept on-line payments in two forms. First, you can set up to have your monthly rent automatically taken from your checking account. Some people refer to this as direct check, ACH transfer, etc. You may set this arrangement to take one payment, monthly for the entire year or anywhere in between. Second, you can pay via your credit card (Mastercard, Visa and Discover).

Is it expensive to use?
As mentioned above you have two options of payment. If you choose to pay via ACH one time only-the cost is $15.95. However, if you pay via ACH on a recurring basis-there is no cost, it is free! If you choose to pay via credit card you will be charged $15.95 per transaction. Rates are subject to change and you should verify costs by calling our office or going to web site.

How do you sign up?
More information about this convenient system is available on our web site. Sign up today - It's easy follow these simple steps!

  • Go to
  • Click "Pay Rent Online"
  • Click "Create Login" (Create your own unique login and password)
  • Make one time or recurring payments
For help call the online payment service at 1-866-289-5977

Repairs and Maintenance

During the term of your lease you may require the services of our maintenance team. You may contact our maintenance team at or 378-1222. Confirmation of your maintenance request is provided if sent over the web. If you have a maintenance emergency after normal business hours, simply call the normal maintenance number and you will be directed on how to reach the maintenance provider on-call. We expect residents to personally handle some routine maintenance such as changing light bulbs, unplugging toilets, resetting tripped circuit breakers, clearing jammed disposals, etc. However, if you are unable to perform such tasks or feel the task is too dangerous, we will help to a reasonable degree. If maintenance or repairs are needed due to tenant carelessness, abuse, or neglect, residents will be charged for appropriate costs.


It is your responsibility to sublease your apartment but we suggest you contact the manager. Management must approve of all subleases and receive a copy of each sublease agreement. There is a $50.00 fee for subleasing. Leave all apartment related materials (i.e., a copy of this tenant information packet, copy of the lease, parking agreement, etc.,) with your sub lessees. Your original lease agreement with us is not changed, voided or replaced by your making a sublease arrangement. You are responsible for transferring the apartment and its keys to your sublessees. We do not inspect the apartment between the time you move out and your sublessee moves in. However, you should do a walk-through with your sublessee before signing the sublease agreement. All rents must continue to be paid to our company by the original lessees. In other words, the lessees pay you in accordance with your agreement with them, and then you pay us in accordance to our agreement. Tip: From past experience we have found that those who advertise immediately after Christmas break have the best chance of obtaining sublets for the summer semester at the most favorable prices.

Towing Policies

If a car is parked in your assigned parking space without your authorization it is up to you how to handle it. Do not park in someone else's spot as they could then have you towed. However, you may contact the towing service (see signs posted on your building in the parking area) to have the offending party towed. If the car leaves before the towing service arrives, please call the towing service to cancel the call. Do not request management to tow vehicles parked in your personal parking space. We have no authority to do this, as it is the tenant's responsibility. See your lease for parking guidelines.

Move-out Procedures

Below are move-out procedures that you should follow when you vacate your apartment.
    Your apartment should be left clean. Please be sure the following are thoroughly cleaned:
  1. All flooring vacuumed, all carpet professionally shampooed. (If lease requires you to do so.)
  2. Refrigerator- when you defrost leave door propped open.
  3. Stove, broiler, storage drawer
  4. Kitchen and bathroom sinks
  5. Dishwasher
  6. Tub/shower
  7. Cupboards and areas under sink
  8. Medicine chest
  9. Closets, including furnace closet
  10. Balcony
  11. Furniture
  12. Carry out all trash, including cement blocks and/or homemade bed frames.
  13. Set thermostat no lower than 60 degrees. (For winter check-outs only.)
  14. Call utility companies and ask them to turn off utilities as of the day after your lease expires. The reason for the extra day is that we need to have the power and water on while we inspect and/or clean your apartment (if needed). If we need to clean the unit and power/water are not on your cleaning costs could be substantially higher. If you had extra phones installed with separate numbers, you must have single-number line status restored at your expense or the cost of this will be deducted from your security deposit.
  15. Your move-out is not complete until all personal items have been removed from the apartment and all keys returned to the manager's office. If you move out late you will be charged a daily amount of $200.00, as well as motel costs and any other costs the incoming tenant might incur because of their late move-in.
  16. Return all keys to the manager's office at the same time if possible. There will be a lock change charge if keys have not been returned before 12:00 noon on the last day of your lease.
  17. Leave your forwarding address on the forms when you return the keys.
You will be charged for the cost of materials and labor necessary to repair any damage to the apartment's interior (walls, doors, carpet, windows, furniture, etc.) for which you are responsible. Any items of apparent value (value is determined at the lessors discression) left behind in the apartment will be stored for a 30-day period. To recover items, you must pay $50.00 cash per day in storage fees plus our cost of packing and storage.